About Eickelmann Group

by Evette | Last Updated: July 19, 2019

Eickelmann Group LLC is a holding company for the various business ventures of Fred and Evette Eickelmann. This husband and wife team approaches life from a practical perspective while using God as their standard.

Fred Eickelmann

Fred Eickelmann - EickelmannGroup.comFred Eickelmann is a skilled technician who helps vehicle enthusiasts finish their projects, no matter how many wheels. With decades of experience, Fred knows how to get over the hurdles that hold people back from completing their projects. From making small parts to full rotisserie restorations, Fred has helped many people all over the US, including Puerto Rico.

Fred has a degree in machine tool technology, as well as extensive experience in welding and metal forming. At one point, he taught welding and performance fabrication at Linn State College in Linn, MO.

Evette Eickelmann

Evette Eickelmann - EickelmannGroup.comEvette Eickelmann, a US Navy veteran and multipotentialite, enjoys helping others be the best they can be. With extensive experience running businesses, Evette knows how to help others meet their goals, whether in business or health.

Evette is comfortable both behind the scenes as support and out front as a leader. Her degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) enhances her ability navigate technilogically enhanced systems. Her ACE Personal Trainer certification gives her the authority to promote living a healthy lifestyle.

Eickelmann Group’s Companies

Fred and Evette strive to live their lives with integrity in order to honor God. If you choose to do business with them, you can trust them to treat you fairly.