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Evette Eickelmann is the co-founder and CEO of Eickelmann Group LLC. God wired her to be a Renaissance woman, or as some say, a Multipotentialite. She's talented at many different things and has many interests and creative pursuits.

Fitted Cot Sheet for Camping and RV Cots

Fitted Cot Sheet | EickelmanGroup.com

I found a fitted cot sheet for camping and RV cots that fit a smaller mattress normally used when back pack camping or RV bunk beds that I really like. Fred and I built a small toy hauler that utilizes bunk beds to save space. The small mattresses our bunk beds use are roughly 27 inches […]

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Sena 20S Battery Replacement

Sena 20S | EickelmannGroup.com

 If you’re reading this blog post, you must be wondering if a Sena 20S battery replacement possible. Yes, replacing the battery in your Sena 20S is indeed possible. And how do I know it is? Because it was either figure out how to replace the battery or a buy new Sena radio. You see, Fred and […]

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About Eickelmann Group

Evette & Fred Eickelmann | EickelmannGroup.com

Eickelmann Group LLC is a holding company for the various business ventures of Fred and Evette Eickelmann. This husband and wife team approaches life from a practical perspective while using God as their standard.Fred EickelmannFred Eickelmann is a skilled technician who helps vehicle enthusiasts finish their projects, no matter how many wheels. With over 30 […]

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