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September 7, 2020

Fitted Cot Sheet for Camping and RV Cots

I found a fitted cot sheet for camping and RV cots that fit a smaller mattress normally used when back pack camping or RV bunk beds that I really like.

Fred and I built a small toy hauler that utilizes bunk beds to save space. The small mattresses our bunk beds use are roughly 27 inches wide, 73 inches long and 4 inched thick. These fitted cot sheets are ideal for our application.

If you use a fitted cot sheet that you really like and that's different than these, please share your link in the comments below.

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Fitted Cot Sheet for Camping and RV Cots


Evette Eickelmann is the co-founder and CEO of Eickelmann Group LLC. God wired her to be a Renaissance woman, or as some say, a Multipotentialite. She's talented at many different things and has many interests and creative pursuits.

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